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Friday, October 2, 2009

Life gets in the way

I know it's been quite some time since I was last active on here.
While things have turned around a bit, it still is a bit crazy! However- I am making it a point to get active online again.

I can't believe it's already October. Where has this past year gone?! I swear..... In a blink of an eye, a year has passed. And yet so much has happened within the past 6 weeks- that time period had felt like forever trying to get up to real time movement.

My roommate and I are all settled into the new place... It's top floor. Nice neighbors. QUIET all the time! I mean look- it's quarter to eleven on a Friday night, I'm about ready to tuck myself in to bed (it's been a stressful week) and there's nothing but the sound of the wind and a few errant crickets outside. Scouts honor!

Tomorrow we'll finish unpacking what we can of the boxes still stacked up. My room is set- I just need to purchase a few things, and it'll be my own little haven. Apparently we're drastically altering the living room from what it currently is- and I'm not looking forward to that. I don't think, space wise, it'll work. But... I'll take a deep breath, and see how it turns out. Might have a pleasant surprise in store!

I've got a camera that I'm using in the interim- my brother's letting me borrow it. Better than nothing, I suppose, but it SO doesn't take pictures like the one I had that was stolen. Makes me bitter. But- counting the blessings I wasn't home and didn't walk in on them when they were stealing our stuff. And some pictures (even if not as high quality) are better than none.

Try to find the positives. I'm working on it.
Or as my very wise Dad would say- Worry about the things you have control over.

I'll be working on more changelings once we're a bit more unpacked... I love the fall. Perhaps I'll even make an apple crisp this weekend.... Or something... Gotta get more into the Autumn spirit!


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