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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Sparkles and More

I love the holiday season. The snow, the music, the decorations. There isn't anything prettier, to me, than houses decorated with lights.

Now, not the over-the-top Lampoon style... But classic. The white candles in a window, a green wreath with a great big red bow on the front door. Icicle lights under the eaves, or surrounding the porch. The softness it shows.

Even better, though, is inside. The smell of sugar cookies, pine pitch from the Christmas Tree, gingerbread just out of the oven. Dare I say Fruitcake! My Dad makes a mouthwatering confection of said dessert- which, normally, I would plug my nose at and run away as fast as I could in the opposite direction! It's delicious.

And inspired by the holidays, are the items below to adorn you or your family and friends. There's something so sexy about beautiful little treasures that are worn!

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So a flashy pendant in red or black diamond, eye catching and definitely festive. Delicate earrings that match perfectly, wear as a set or separate. I love creating jewelry- and especially using Holiday colors- reds, greens, crystal, and black diamond. Because no matter what- a little sparkle always puts a smile on your face.

It's like buying red lipstick and a great pair of shoes- it perks your mood up and makes you feel good almost instantly! So... If you like, visit my shop by clicking here in order to view all my items! Or you can use the list on the right side of my screen to see what's currently listed in my shop.

What are your plans for the holidays?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Check out the Holiday Gift Sale!

That's right!

Click on the button:

To head on over to the Handmade Gift Guide's Blog.

What can you find there you ask?

OOohhh.... Gifts for him, gifts for her... For little boys, and pretty girls, and everything in between!
The best part about it is that she's hosting a holiday "Bazaar" of sorts.... Different shops and items will be featured on her blog- and you are the lucky ones that get to check out these shops as a result!

It starts on Sunday, December 6th and runs through Saturday, December 12th.
Throughout the week, check in for special giveaways, amazing featured shops, exclusive deals, and even a treasure hunt! The lucky winner scores a beautiful gift basket stuffed with many delightful goodies that's sure to put a grin on even Scrooge's scowling mug!

So what are you waiting for?! Get on over there!

Follow the blog for beautiful posts and gift suggestions- what's hot, trendy, innovative and best of all- handmade!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots of crafting...

And so little time!

I've had a nervous energy lately... And it's been good for me inspiration wise. It's like, I've just found myself so restless... Up late, up early- I can't seem to find enough hours in the day to get done what I'd like!

But. The exception was Monday night.
I made THIS:

Now, I've always been the sparkly girl. Facets throwing light, and polished gleaming silver. Not the case here. I've discovered oxidization. And I think I love it.

So not wanting to have the necklace all by itself, I made matching earrings.
Dark, enticing, seductive... Dress up or down, I think it'll go with just about anything! The black diamond Swarovski Crystals are AMAZING! I doubted that I was going to like them- but then again, these crystals sparkle like no other. SO... My fears were totally unfounded. It's most likely going to be one of my favorite colors to work with!

So I think this oxidization thing is a winner..... And I expect to have more and more items like it in my store added around the New Year!

I also can't wait to go home for Christmas through New Years!
My boyfriend!
My family!
Awesome food!
And hopefully a new digital camera!!!

I'll be able to bring my jewelry things with me... But limited availability to ship items out... I will try my best though!

What are you doing for the holiday?


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