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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Break In and New Move

Trying to turn over a new leaf... Trying to see positive, be optimistic.
It's hard.

So a run down of the past few weeks.
We moved in to the new apartment the first week of August. Got settled in for the most part, but there were still a few things to unpack and such. It wasn't a mess, by any means, just disorganized. A few boxes here and there, but mostly the new place was set up.

Last Tuesday my roommate and I were robbed.
They broke in through my bedroom window, using a screwdriver to pop the "Security Bar" installed on it. (The property manager tried to say I deliberately left my window unlocked so they're not taking the blame- but the police say it's clearly a break-in) Secure, indeed. In they went. Shoes all over my bed, trampled. Sand. Dirt. Flipped up my sheets. Trashed my room. I mean, every possible box- including little jewelry boxes I kept things tucked in- dumped on my bedroom floor. They took my laptop and digital cameras- one brand new. Tossed the clothes in my closet, looking for hidden things that weren't there. Went through literally ALL my things. Some stranger had their hands all over my stuff.
My roommate lost a lot more valuable things, but they didn't trash his room. Not at all. Almost nothing was disturbed in his room. Going through the rest though, I was surprised to find only certain things missing.
For instance- of course they stole electronics, x-box, games so on and so forth. And jewelry from my roommate.

But all my jewelry was left behind. Mostly sterling, but still nice things. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants. I haven't found anything missing (yet). However- I went to sit down and make some jewelry the other night- and grabbed my supplies box. Sat down, and opened the lid. Now mind you, this container houses about $600 worth of crystals and sterling silver wire. Yes, they left it behind! Nothing missing... Except my TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, they stole my jewelry pliers. Needle nose. Round nose. Flat. Snippers/cutters.
I am SO mad. Well, glad they didn't steal the expensive stuff... But angry that they took the necessary tools to create my jewelry. UGH. Infuriating. Took a look at my stained glass box too- they stole 4 soldering irons, 5 pairs of stained glass tool pliers. *mad face* But... They left the $500 worth of glass. I mean, really?! Obviously not professional thieves, and obviously not the brightest crayons in the box.

Boy I'm lucky they left all that stuff behind.

I just have to replace tools...

So yesterday was the 7 day mark from having the break in. The past week has been chaotic. Had to cancel bank accounts, change information, we're even moving to an entirely different apartment complex- yes, breaking the lease at the current place. They wanted to transfer us next to the place where the people we think did this live. Absolutely not. We're not staying there. It's unsafe, and they won't let us alter the apartment in any way to secure it. So imagine the surprise last night upon driving in to our parking lot there (where we're stuck until next weekend) and seeing two of the suspects walking out from behind our building shocked me. I couldn't speak. Scared, all over again. However- as soon as they saw my roommate and I pull up, they booked it over the hill and ran away. Called the cops, said there's nothing they can do since they went away- but they're noting it on our break-in report. Also called the apartment complex and left a message.
But the apartment complex doesn't think there's anything strange about that.
Nor the fact that they were part of the same group of people we called the cops on about loitering, after they had cased us out all day the day we moved from the old apartment and saw exactly what we had packed in to the moving van.
No, no coincidence. None at all.

Needless to say- I'm back to being paranoid and scared to be alone. Panic attacks suck. And I miss making my jewelry. And no more pictures until I can replace my camera... ARGH.


  1. Wow! I'm so sorry you went through that. Talk about feeling violated! It just sucks that you can't even get any support from the property management OR much from the police. And you can't even drown your sorrows in your favorite craft, for lack of tools :(

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry. It sounds really frightening :( And I can't believe the management company is being so horrible about it. I wish you well and hope you can get back to making beautiful jewelry soon :)

    xo, Katie



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