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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Little Guardian

He watches over Mom's garden. All seasons, through rain, snow, sunshine and foggy days. He's there, quietly pondering some unknown thought. Protecting the flowers whether they're hibernating for the winter, starting to poke through the dirt in the spring, or in full bloom come summertime.

I don't think he has a name. Not a formal one, at any rate. He's just The Little Guardian.

With Spring just ushered in through the door, it's hard to believe there are already such vibrant colors in the garden this early in the season. Yes, I do realize it's near the end of April... But still... Up here in New England, it tends to find its way much slower than elsewhere. Enjoy the pictures I've taken for you- with permission from my little stone friend- and hopefully it will put a smile on your face.

Little Grape Hyacinth

Lambs Ear
So soft to touch!

Little Johnny Jump-Up!

A Little Pine Cone

Red and White and Yellow!

Hens 'n Chicks
Succulent Heaven!

As a personal update... I'm hoping very soon to be able to start working on my jewelry again. It's just been difficult, seeing as I'm not really able to concentrate very long, and my patience level is next to nothing. I want to create beautiful things- but, still, my hands shake too badly to make anything. The good news is that I see my own doctor next week- and I know he'll be able to help me with the back thing that's going on. I can't describe to you how badly I miss making my jewelry- but then again, I wrecked some chain and headpins just trying to wrap for a new piece. So, I'll keep to things that don't really require fine motor skills for now!

So glad the end of the week is nearly here- and I get to see my fella this weekend, which has me tickled pink. I'm hoping now I have more time to devote to getting better at blogging. I miss it!

Thank you everyone that's sent me kind thoughts, prayers, wishes and good feelings my way.
It's very much appreciated!


  1. I love your "Little Guardian" and all the beautiful spring pictures. Thanks for sharing, and I wish you good health and happiness!

  2. Thank you so very much for the wonderful photos and the continued update on your work and garden!! I just love watching your blog. Please check out my blog, I have given you an award for all your beauty!! http://kraftymax.blogspot.com/2010/05/waggin-wednesday.html Enjoy!! ~KM



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