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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In.... And a Peacock Treasury!

I love snow.
I love to make snowmen, get in snowball fights, dig tunnels, go sledding or skiing...
But this is getting ridiculous!

Considering VA-DOT hasn't really done a good job keeping the roadways clear, and the roads around where I am just about as good looking- well, suffice it to say I'm staying inside. Coming from New England, I think that anyone that is employed by the DOT in southern states has to be required to plow for at least two years in New England.

Some of the craziest weather happens up there. From ice storms, to blizzards, to dustings, quick melts, re-freezing, and all of the above- people need to know how to drive in this kind of awful weather, but also how to clear the roads properly.
Ahem... Liiiike, not scraping all the snow off the road so it's left a solid sheet of ice....
At least then, when the weather like this hits every once in a blue moon- the employees are prepared for action, and know how to clear it up quickly and efficiently. Oh- and use sand too, not just salt please! Sand = traction! And that's a marvelous thing!!

For instance- I don't think when you venture out, you should be driving on a sheet of ice:

Or that driving down the road should feel like you're skidding over a mogul field:

Or that the 4 lane road for you to take 2 lefts, one straight, and right turn is only ONE lane:

And it's probably a good idea to clear snow out of intersections!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that this mess is left over from the Friday/Saturday/Sunday storm we had last weekend?!?!?! Yep... Roads still aren't cleared.... And I took it upon myself yesterday to "plow down" snow in our parking lot. No, there's no plow attached to my truck. But it kind of stinks when people take snow off their vehicles and pile it behind someone else's... Or the snow piles up in between "spaces". So in to 4wd Truckasaurus Rex went, and lots of backing up and pulling forward and packing down the snow so other people in smaller vehicles could get in. I know I didn't have to do it... But, nobody else would. I did a good deed!

As far as today- we got about another 15-18 inches of snow. On top of the nearly 3 feet from this past weekend, which has hardly melted. The roommate took a walk down and said that if I were to go venture into the snow where it's not drifted, it would most likely come up to my hips. I may have to check him on that later... Just to make sure. I'v seen plenty of people struggling to just get across our parking lot today... Rather amusing. Even my kitteh thought so:

Ok on to better and prettier news.
I happened to be in the right place, at the right time last night...
And I nabbed a Main Treasury that I've named "Peacock Dreams".

I've always been fascinated with the different tones of blues, greens, and sometimes pinks that you can find in a peacock's feather. So a little something to share with you! It brightened my day, considering all I've been looking at lately are shades of gray and white. And dirty brown.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nabbed it....

My very first Treasury!

I've been featured in one, and now I've made one!

February 21st is my birthday. And I love my birthstone.


I've always loved the purples my birthstone is associated with... But... Lately, I've been discovering other colors. Like Prasiolite- better known as Green Amethyst. Of course, you can't reisist the delicate tones of Pink or Lavender stones.

So there you have it- what do you think?!
Go ahead and click the picture to be taken to the listing, and leave a comment!!

Hello Anti-Valentine

Yes, yes. The truth is going to come out.
Here it goes... I'm not one of those girls that goes gaga over Valentine's Day.

Be My Anti-Valentine

I'm more the type of... I can get flowers, chocolate and cards on any day of the year. Why does it have to be that Valentine's Day is singled out as the "Spend on your hunny" day? I just never saw the point. To allow me to be bitter for a moment, it goes back to middle school. When we had the option to only pass out Valentine's to those we wanted to, our friends. It wasn't mandatory that it was one for all or none at all.

But, because I didn't want anyone to feel singled out, I wrote down every person in each class I had. And I made them each a Valentine. The little card ones- you know, cheapies from the party shop that everyone loves. But not cheesy- the cute funny off the cuff ones.

Hand Hammered Heart Clasp

Off to school I went, and to classes. First period, Spanish, none for me. But I handed a few out.
Second period, Science, still nothing. But I watched as my classmates giggled and thanked each other for their valentines.

By the time third period, Social Studies, came around, I was ready to cry. Not one person had given me a valentine. I knew I had always been the girl with the funny accent- being from Boston- but I never thought they actually didn't like me. I was quiet, kept to myself, shy most of the time.

Fourth period, Study Hall, I didn't do anything but doodle in my notebook. Contemplated tossing the rest of the Valentine's I had made in the garbage. But that wouldn't be fair to the people I had already passed them to.

Lunchtime, and I didn't eat. I stayed out in the hallway and figured that all I could do was finish the day. I didn't really want to see anyone else, or face my classmates, just wanted to go home. Maybe I could fake being sick... But what's the point. Maybe next class actually wouldn't be that bad. I liked it.

Fifth period I thought I was definitely going to get one. Music Class, I sang in the Chorus. A few of the girls were friendly with me, so surely I'd get one from someone there?

I left to go to my final class of the day for Sixth Period- Math- empty handed. The one class I wasn't crazy about, but at least I understood what we were being taught. Passed out the last few cards I had to give out and sat down at my desk, willing the clock to get to 3pm so I could go home.

Next thing I know, and envelope comes sailing across the desk. A card slipped to me, by my desk friend. Jimmy. Nobody wanted to sit with him, so I did. We quickly became friends... And not only did he slip me a little Valentine card, it had a little heart pin too which I immediately put on my messenger bag. I had already given him the Valentine I held aside especially for him.

45 minutes later the bell rang, and it was time to go home. My best friend caught me in the hallway just before I left to give me the Valentine she had saved for me- we had no classes together this year, and I didn't go to lunch. I gave her the one I had for her, a quick thank you and a hug, and off to the busses and home we went. I felt ignored, broken, insignificant. I thought my classmates liked me... I mean, we weren't exactly all best buddies- they had their cliques set up far before I joined the group at 3rd grade. But I was kind, I was friendly, I'd give the shirt off my back if asked. I'd try to help in any way I could.

When I got home, I went to my room and cried.
I couldn't believe that out of all the people in my class, that only two willingly gave me a Valentine. Only two people. I dried my eyes, unstretched from my floor and happened to notice on my bed was a small box of chocolates and a pink single rose. Opening the card, and through new tears that were starting, I saw it was from my Mother. "Amanda- I hope you know how special you are, and how very much Dad and I love you. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Mom".

Rose Swarovski Drop

Those three Valentines, I still have them tucked into a memory box.
So goes the story of why I'm not V-Day's biggest fan.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh Snow!!!!

In case you didn't know... Virginia just got walloped with a HUGE snowstorm this past weekend, and since Im' about 20 minutes South of Washington DC, I figured I'd take some pictures to show you just how much snow has actually fallen.

It started out forcasted at 6-12 inches.
Then two hours later, 12-14.
About two hours after that, 16-18.
Three hours later... 18-24.
Then, as it started snowing... They said... Possibility of 30+ inches.

Me, being ever the pessimistic since moving down here and not really seeing snow stick around long enough for it to last more than a day or two..... Said "Suuuuure". But then it started coming down... And sticking.... Accumulating quickly. A little too quickly. I told my roommate... Yep, the way it's coming down... We're going to get buried.

I started taking pictures, and even planned on blogging Friday night about it... But then -OOP-

Power goes out. Are you kidding me!? Now my roommate tells me it could be off for days, or weeks... I wasn't happy to hear it. But I had my little alien lights, and plenty of candles. I hoard candles, but that's a story for another time! So light them up, little candles glow!

Pictures of the street, there was one car that decided to brave the weather at 11:30 pm. There's already 12+ inches on the ground, and no plow has been through. He made it to the dip, and skeetered off the road into the snowbank. I didn't go outside- the wind was wicked and with my asthma- not a good idea. Otherwise, my blogger friends, I would have been out there immediately.

So the candlelight, flickering, and Sake I was drinking finally kicked in. I got sleepy. Good news is the power came on just before I fell asleep. The next morning I knew I was going to wake up to an absolute Winter Wonderland... But I had no idea.....

Everything, and I mean everything, covered in snow. Especially the cars. Road signs buried under snow, not drifts! Cars plowed in from the "plow" guys. I thought it was beautiful. I wanted to know how much snow there was. I was curious.

So on go the leggings, blue jeans over that. Long sleeved shirt, UnderArmor Jacket, and UA vest over that. A black ballcap, and my blue toned scarf to cover my face from the wind. I venture out.

Ok, bottom of the steps aren't so bad.

Few more steps, though, and my boots are sinking into 4+ inches of powder. And this is on the "shoveled" part of the pathway. Continuing on...

I sink down. Quickly. At least 2 feet of snow here! This was only shoveled at the beginning of the storm- so it's not quite the deepest as.....

Stepping over to take a picture of a huge snow-pile that used to be my truck, I sank straight down to pavement. Snow came up over my knees! I'm only 5'2". DEEP snow indeed. Yes, that is my Chevy Trailblazer under that pile of snow!

Waddled out without losing boots or socks... Which HAS happened before...
Had I tripped and fallen, I have a feeling I wouldn't be found until spring!

So I continued to wander along the front of the complex.

Snapped a few more- but this one had to take the cake. It appears that someone was motivated enough to come out and clean off their vehicle. And then subsequently gave up because it's just SO much!

I almost feel bad... I wiped the snow off mine, popped her in to 4wd... And rocked right out of my spot! HOWEVER... That being said... DO not go out on the roads if you live down here- they're absolutely awful. They haven't salted anything, and it's all a solid sheet of ice.

After last night though, this is the view I woke up to this morning:


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