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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots of crafting...

And so little time!

I've had a nervous energy lately... And it's been good for me inspiration wise. It's like, I've just found myself so restless... Up late, up early- I can't seem to find enough hours in the day to get done what I'd like!

But. The exception was Monday night.
I made THIS:

Now, I've always been the sparkly girl. Facets throwing light, and polished gleaming silver. Not the case here. I've discovered oxidization. And I think I love it.

So not wanting to have the necklace all by itself, I made matching earrings.
Dark, enticing, seductive... Dress up or down, I think it'll go with just about anything! The black diamond Swarovski Crystals are AMAZING! I doubted that I was going to like them- but then again, these crystals sparkle like no other. SO... My fears were totally unfounded. It's most likely going to be one of my favorite colors to work with!

So I think this oxidization thing is a winner..... And I expect to have more and more items like it in my store added around the New Year!

I also can't wait to go home for Christmas through New Years!
My boyfriend!
My family!
Awesome food!
And hopefully a new digital camera!!!

I'll be able to bring my jewelry things with me... But limited availability to ship items out... I will try my best though!

What are you doing for the holiday?

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