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Monday, November 16, 2009

O Cris-Ris Tree!

The Christmas Season.

It's my favorite time of the year- hands down.
(Favorite holiday is Halloween though!)

Anyways... I've been looking around for about the past 2 weeks for these earrings.... I finally found them. Not in my truck, where I could have sworn I had seen them a week ago. Nope.
Not in the craft box I know I have other things in- and where they should have been. Nope.

Instead, they were found tucked inside a box that had miscellaneous odds and ends that I've managed to collect and keep contained into a single, small box. Trust me- that's a huge feat!!!

I like working with semi-precious stones from time to time- I'm not a huge fan of them. However, as you very well know that wandering through somewhere items sometimes catch your eye- this was the case here. However, so that I don't take credit for having such a moment in this case- I would like to thank my wonderful Mom for finding these! Moss Agate, and had I seen them... I'm certain I would have picked them up too!

If you ever wonder where I get a lot of my creative influences... It's definitely from my Mom. She crafted these little beauties two years ago and sold quite a few pairs at a local craft show. Similarly, at the same time I had just discovered Etsy and was eager to try and sell some items. These made it on initially, but I have to admit... Horrible camera = awful pictures.

So, this time around... I apologize- my really good camera I purchased was stolen back in September, and while I'm quite upset about it... I have another one that my brother is letting me borrow until I can get mine replaced. It's all good. I do have to say though, the camera really isn't formatted to take high quality detailed pictures (as in jewelry), but it's done an ok job so far. Better than nothing, right?!

I freshened these little Christmas Trees up, made them into the Changeling
charms that I've been making... And Voila! A fresh start!

Oh, the name of my blog tonight? Yes, it's a version of "Christmas Tree"... However, silly story behind it. When I was little, Mom and Dad had the bright idea of getting a video camera when I was about 2 years old. Couple this with Christmas Morning, and my Nonnie Pep (Grandmother, Dad's side) being there... I was the typical excited toddler waiting to open presents. I don't think I really cared what I was getting- tearing open the pretty paper packages was what I was aiming for. Aside from... Singing.

Yes, that's right. The majority of the video is me going "O Chris-rissss treee! O Chris-rissss tree!"

After about 5 minutes of recording this... My parents laughing in the background... This ensues:

Nonnie Pep: "Amanda!"

Me: "Yes Nonnie?"

Nonnie Pep: "Be QUIET!"


There you have it. My funny Christmas Story from when I was a baby, and the title of the blog.
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