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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Check-Out Survey

So I happened to come across an Etsy forum thread today that I found quite interesting. Why?

Because it gave instructions on how to include a PayPal Survey to your customers who purchase items from you. Why is this good? Because while Google Analytics gives you general information of who's visiting your shop from where, it doesn't tell you exactly how your shop was found.

This result through PayPal? Answers to that elusive question!

So it's really, really easy. But first and foremost, thank you to Sassy Belle Wares for noticing and sharing this information with the rest of us!

Ok. So here we go. Start off by logging into your PayPal account. Under the "My Account" column, click "Profile". In the far right column that says "Selling Preferences", click on "Custom Payment Pages".

This will bring you to a new screen, and here you'll click the "Options" tab.

Under the "Merchant Service Options", check the box that says "Add A Customer Service Survey".

Enter your question, and pick your answers (as an example, I've shown mine) and voila! You've got a survey for your customers when they check out using PayPal!

Just remember that after you enter the information, you click "Save"- otherwise, the survey won't appear to your customers!

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