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Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Is In The Air

I love snow. I love winter. Not a big fan of the cold, but a warm jacket, boots and gloves sure do help. I love the woodstove going, and coming in for a mug of hot chocolate after being outside for a bit. While today didn't consist of me going outside- nevermind leaving the seat of my recliner- I have been watching the snow slowly melt under the glare of the not-so-warm sun today.

Winter Queen- Details Shown With Black

Instead, I took it as an opportunity to change the design of my blog to reflect my excitement for Christmas this year. I can't wait until they have our town decorated in lights, because after a fresh snowfall- when they're turned on, it's simply magical. Everything dusted white is just so beautiful. To be honest with everyone... I just haven't had the motivation to create.

Winter Queen Carved Agate Earrings

I would open my jewelry box, determined to make at least a simple pair of earrings. After huffing, puffing, and nearly tossing it down in exasperation and frustration- I still hadn't created anything I liked. I had all these beautiful crystals, beads, findings... And nothing. Not one iota of creativity coming out from my head. Not one thing I put together I liked. I packed it all right back up, and put it away. I've been doing this game for months. Take out the box, go through and find some pretty things, stare in disgust because I didn't like anything the way I paired them.... Throw everything right back in and put it away again.

Hand Carved Agate Necklace

But finally, this past weekend I was determined to make at least two new things that I'd like. I made sure I liked how the components were coming together. I asked my parents if they liked how they looked. I wasn't crazy about it. I let them sit in front of me for a while. They grew on me. I liked them, turned into I love them. Success! Finally! And I love how the pictures turned out. I think because of these unique beads, I'm going to have to start finding more!

Raku Bead and Autumn Colors

Tell me what you think, and if I should make more :)


  1. I love the Winter Queen Earrings. And the Winter look of the blog.

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl :)

    I was lucky enough to find a strand of the carved agate leaves, and I've been trying to find ways to craft with them since July. Nothing inspired me.... But it seems I finally got it right!



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