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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Jade Calla Lily

It's my favorite flower.

Roses, while very pretty, are so overrated as the "perfect" gifts.

Calla Lilies have always been my favorite. Not for the most common assumption, though.

Yes, I'm totally aware that they're primarily thought of as funeral flowers.
That's right, death flowers. And my argument each time is- if that's the case, what about all the rest of the flowers that may adorn a piece found in a funeral parlor, or at the cemetery for the burial?

The response each time: Silence.

The Calla Lily isn't really a lily. Technically.
The flower sort of emerges from the stem itself- it unfurls into a trumpet-like shape. Delicate and dainty looking- these flowers are quite hardy and are relatively easy to grow and care for. All sorts of colors emerge from the little lovelies- whites, pinks, purples, and two-toned colors as well. Some day, I'll have a garden of Calla Lilies to look at any time I please! In the meantime, I make do with some photographs, and an occasional stem or two from the florist!

Imagine my delight when I came across some hand carved Jade Calla Lilies in one of my favorite bead shops! I couldn't resist, I couldn't say no... I had to have them. There were other carved stones of different kinds- quartz, jasper, and a few others in an assortment of colors- but the Jade ones caught my eye.

Just the slightest hint of green.
Not too large, not too small.
Perfect for projects...
There were only four of them.
And I had to have them.

My problem was... Once I got them home, I had no idea what to make!

So, I took some chain, crystals, and pliers... And let the necklace create itself. After much twisting, cutting, wire wrapping, and maneuvering silver wire and crystals to just the way I wanted... This is what emerged.

A delicate Green Jade Calla Lily Necklace.

I think it would be perfect for a springtime bride as her wedding jewelry. Perhaps for an avid gardner that's usually found in her garden. Or just someone, like myself, that loves the flower just as much as I do. The stone itself radiates light and seems to glow- and the addition of the small bicone crystals adds just a little more sparkle to the piece.

A little extra sparkle is added to the back, where the handmade clasp is decorated with a few more crystals. The necklace itself is 17.5" long, with a 1.5" extender to lengthen it if needed. Just in case you're wondering, the clasp itself is very secure. The loop on the end is just large enough for the chain to be pulled through it, so while situated upon your neck there's really no way for it to come undone. The weight of the stone itself keeps the necklace balanced, and since the decorative crystals are wirewrapped directly to the chain- there's absolutely no way it can come off!

A little more detail.
I do think the other stones have various projects they will emerge in.... One possibility is a sculpted necklace I'll be designing, and perhaps a hair vine with another Calla Lily as the focal point. I will definitely keep you all posted as to how they design themselves into whimsical creations....

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