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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fat Little Robins

I have to tell you... I honestly didn't think we'd be getting more than a dusting of snow here in Virginia with this "storm". It doesn't normally drop much when it IS here... But then again, I had noted that places like North Carolina was expecting 6-12 inches.

Well, they've only forecasted 4-6 inches of it... And as of right now, there's that much on the ground! It's beautiful! The small flakes that are coming down, though, are typically not so great to drive on once they hit the road- making it for a slippery ride. Even so, I've got four wheel drive (I hail from the north, almost everyone has one!) and think I'll be heading out for a ride up the road to take some pictures in the snow, and to grab a nice hot cup of mulled cider.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my blinds to everything looking like Winter Wonderland!

I was excited... And then I noticed a bird. Wait, not make that 3... No, wait... 10?!

The more I kept my eyes still, the more movement I saw and birds I was able to see perched upon the tree branches. I guess they thought the tree right outside my deck was a perfect place to weather out the storm.

I counted at least 23 of them, before they heard a dog bark and most flew off, most likely to the trees to the side of my building. But they perched there, in the snow, fluffed up fat little birds, just chillin in the snow. I know it seems cold, but don't worry... Their feathers keep them warm.

Of course, I had to snap some pictures of these little plump friends!

How many can you count in this shot!? I swear, the more I looked, the more came over!

Rotund, round, and fat. I think these guys have been feeding well!
(There's 7 of them in the picture above.)

Makes me want to make peanut butter & birdseed pine cones and hang them from the tree branches. This little guy, above, almost fell off the branch next to him... He landed, and it dropped with his weight! Guess he was a little too hefty, so he found a sturdier branch to perch on!

My plan was to crumble some slices of bread for these guys, but they started to fly off before I could do such. I could've gotten more pictures... But I suppose I'll just have to wait until next time! I love fat little birds!

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