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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

I can't believe we're already in to 2010!
Where HAS this year gone?!?!?!

I celebrated with a few of my gal pals, and we had a great time in town! Blustery weather though- we're expected to get a LOT of snow this weekend. As for me, I'm hunkering down in front of the woodstove at home, and curling up in my new blanket that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. To keep me warm when I can't be with him... Awwwww! Sappy, I know... I can't help it!!

I'm very excited! Other great news...
My parents got me a digital camera for Christmas... YES! They did!
It's almost the same as my one that got stolen, but it's a newer version with a higher Mega-Pixel resolution, some extra options as well... And I absolutely love it. I immediately got to work and took some new pictures... A few of which I'll show you below!

So I'm home for the Holidays.
The White Mountains of New Hampshire.
If you've never been- it's a wonderful place to visit. We're currently getting a Nor'Easter like you wouldn't believe! 8+ inches of snow expected to come in today, and 18-24+ overnight and through all day tomorrow. It's lovely! We don't get much snow down in VA. So yes- I'm hunkered in and loving the woodstove we have!

What to do up here?
Winter you can go skiing at any of the many ski resorts, including Breton Woods, Wildcat Mountain, Attitash Mountain, Cranmore, King Pine, Loon Mountain and so many more! Snowmobiling is also offered at some great places and prices! If you don't prefer to be out and about so much, you can certainly poke around the LOTS of Tax Free Outlet stores! It's wonderful! Stores like Old Navy, Gap, Pac Sun, Under Armor, Bass, Eddie Bauer, Lane Bryant, Banana Republic, Osh-Kosh, L.L. Bean, Eastern Mountain Sports, and TONS of others!!!!

Summertime leaves a great time to come up and go camping- again, plenty of places up around the Valley that you can pop a tent and start a fire, roast (or burn) hot dogs over it, make S'mores, and listen to the wildlife rummaging around. Take a hike on the hundreds of trails, and for those of you that really want to do something interesting- you can even find mineral deposits and mine your own tourmaline, amethyst, quartz and other stones!

Fall is the most popular... Considering the leaves are in full color, and they're so vibrant and bright, it's a common season for leaf peepers to come and look! Fresh pressed apple cider, pumpkin fields, and autumn themed activities... You don't really want to miss out!

But enough of my home... Here's a peek at some of the new pictures!


  1. Such lovely photos. I really like the winter wonderland one, of the tree covered in snow. Beautiful :)


  2. Thank you!

    It's my backyard back at home in NH.
    Always beautiful after it snows up there!!!!



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