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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Circle of Friends


Thank you so very much to The Pine Cone Teacup for nominating me!! I'm so excited! I haven't been awarded anything for having my blog thusfar- and frankly, I'm honored! I know I don't post as often as I'd like- there are only so many hours in the day to take care of things. So my March resolution is to post at least once a week. Minimum. And I count on you all to hold me to that!

The conditions for accepting this blog award are simple.... I list 5 things I like...
And then I name 5 bloggers I want to know more about!

Ready... Set.... Go!

1. I love my family! My two wonderful parents, still together after 31 years! My awesome genius (in most cases!) brother, and my two kind hearted and sweet sisters. Being the oldest of the four of us, it's been quite the journey to watch my siblings grow up into wonderful people. And as for my parents- well, I just can't say how much I love them, and how thankful that I belong to them! Of course, I love the various pets we have as well- most of all, my sweetheart Peeps. (who, by the way, is absolutely fantastic and recovering well!)

2. I love New England- it's where I grew up, and it's true what they say... If you're born and raised there, you always feel the tug to "go back home". And... There's nothing quite like a beautiful beach with sparkling blue water... Except for the New England coastline, especially up in Maine. The gunmetal gray water (albeit a bit chilly) with a clear blue sky is absolutely breathtaking!

3. I love to work on cars. Get down, dirty, and feel accomplished once the problem is fixed. I know how to change my own oil, replace brakes, unstick emergency brake lines, know where to stick the jack under my truck so it won't ruin anything, replace headers, radiators and mufflers. Didn't think a sparkly girly-girl would actually be interested in that stuff, huh?!

4. I love to garden. There's something about tilling, fertilizing, planting, and spending hours weeding out a garden bed to have a work of art for the spring and summer that all your friends compliment you on. However, since I'm in an apartment, a green leafed plant from Ikea, bamboo shoots and a Money Tree are my "garden" and wall art for now!

5. I love... Link Love! Coined by Michele from By Your Side, it's a wonderful way to find new artists, talent... And most importantly friends! From fanning Facebook pages, hearting Etsy shops, following blogs, Twitter, and other various outlets (like Artfire, Folksy, Wordpress, etc...) we not only find like minded people that craft similar items to what we do, but meet new people in the process. Hooray for Link Love!

And now... Drumroll please....

My 5 blogger picks to pass this award along to:

1. Joyce from Happy Cloud Moments

2. Amy from Ponder and Stitch

3. Deb from Zur Designs

4. Kristin from Madrin Designs

5. Samantha from Nest Blossoms

There you have it!
Check out shops and let's Link Love too!


  1. Thanks so much for choosing me as one of the recipients of this wonderful award!! Your five things you like are awesome!! :)

  2. Wow...thank you and congratulations! I'll be adding this to my blog as well!

  3. i'm a lil late but thanks for featuring my bracelet....love your blog background!



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