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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Quiet Weekend, and a Necklace

I'm getting ready for Monday... Oh, how I despise them!
Just call me Garfield... hah!

I was able to get some new pictures of some jewelry taken, which greatly pleases me. New pictures- while time consuming to take- always put me in a better mood. And I managed to capture some really great ones too! I'll get them online, most likely tomorrow evening.

I wanted to share with you a necklace I made last week.

It's inspired by a lake up in Maine, since that's where my fella lives. My favorite thing about spending time up there was the fact that he has a little cottage right on the banks of this beautiful lake. Some mornings, if you awaken early enough, you can see fog over the water.

It's stunning really- and I know what you're thinking... What's so special about fog?!
Well... It kind of covers the surface of the water like a shroud, making the little island in the distance appear almost like an illusion...

A little wonderland not really there. When the sun starts to peek over the treeline, the way the fog lights up and becomes illuminated is wondrous. I spent many a morning, to the chagrin of my fella, just watching the water... The small rainbows peeking through certain parts of the fog as it started to evaporate. Much too quickly, it was gone.... Until another morning!


  1. Hello Amanda!! I have something for you on my blog!! http://thepineconeteacup.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-birthday-weekend-construction-and.html

  2. Ohhh thank you!!!!

    You absolutely made my Monday!!!



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