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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Days, 30 Ways I Did This Contest!

30 days, all in order!

I've spent the past month creating different looks, one each day, and submitting them for Orglamix's 30 days, 30 Ways Contest". This blog post was going to start out with "Vote for ME"...

But I couldn't do that. I tend to think of the big picture. I haven't cast my vote yet for anyone, but I have a good idea who I'll be rooting for. It will not be myself. That's not only unfair, but I don't think it's right to do. So there's another contestant who I really enjoyed seeing create eye looks- and that girl will receive my vote!

There were so many beautiful, unique and very creative eye looks created by many of us girls- and to think we stuck it out for a whole 30 days! I can't, in good conscience, say "just pick ME because I deserve it"... I think all us gals do. However, there's only one Grand Prize winner.

In an effort to be fair to all the contestants, I ask you to please vote by clicking here.
Be it for me, or any of the other 15 girls... Take a minute, look at the pictures, and cast a vote for one of us! Of course, I want to win. I'd love to! I won't lie.... I want it so bad I can taste it! Well, not literally of course. I imagine eating minerals would be quite chalky.

But... The other girls want to win as well!

While you're at it... Don't forget to enter the Happy New Year Moi Minerals Giveaway for your chance to win a goodie basket jam-packed with $50-$100 worth of mineral makeup! Kick off your New Year with some awesome, highly pigmented, long lasting mineral makeup! Check out the blog post link for all the details on how to get as many entries into the contest as possible!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Treasured- Again!

Wow, this is incredible!

I'm firmly convinced that the new pictures I've taken are helping in the fact that I've been having my items included in some absolutely gorgeous treasuries! This time, purple is featured. It's one of my favorite colors to wear on my blue eyes since it makes them pop!! I favor purple in a lot of my wardrobe choices as well- so many different colors, so many different ways!

It really perked me up today finding out I was included in this Treasury- the snow is falling, outside our little "Guido Tree" (as my Dad has dubbed him! Besides, we're Italians that make fun of ourselves!) is bespeckled with snow on it's little limbs and it's little LED multicolor lights glowing nicely. To top it off, we're watching Phantom of the Opera!

'Rhapsody in purple' by Cesart64

Mini Top Hat - Posh Purple F...

Ghost Bride Dress

String of Birds Shades of Pu...

14k Gold Filled Purple Plum ...

Purple and Green Mug

FREE SHIPPING Lavender and P...

November Rain, Vertical Oil ...

Purple Pearl Bracelet

Handwoven Scarf Shawl Wrap L...

Purple Romani Gypsy costume

The Purple Fantasy Chandelie...

Jacobean Flower Wool Work / ...

Amethyst Statue


Juicy Plum Chair

Christmas sale Wild lupine V...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I went on a Treasury Hunt.... And I found my jewelry featured in 8 of them!

WOW! Awesome!!

The Green Leaves Necklace from my shop is last row, first thumbnail.

The faceted Chubby Quartz Heart from my shop is last row, first thumbnail.

Smoke & Mirrors Oxidized Necklace is last row, second thumbnail from the left.

This collection had my Saltwater Taffy Earrings included, which have been sold.

Heart shaped lampwork earrings, last row first thumbnail.

Shared this one with you already! But wanted to include it anyways!!
Christmas Trees are top row, third thumbnail from the left.

One of my all time favorites!
Swarovski Crystal earrings, third row third thumbnail from the left.

There you have it!
All the treasuries I've been featured in!

A Christmas Treasury

It's a rough morning... But they need to be faced sometimes.

I woke up pretty sore, lo and behold... There's a dusting of snow on the ground! Immediately... I know why I'm feeling the way I do. Whenever the barometric pressure changes, I feel it. Sometimes it's good, most times it's not. When I wake up to find I've been included in a beautiful Christmas Treasury, it makes me feel a little better. Ok, ok, a lot better!

So take a peek and peruse some of the other beautiful items that are included!

'Christmas jewelry' by mmgem

Let's make it red.

Vintage Siam Red Jewel Earri...

Shiny earrings

Novelty Red and Green Chris...

Women's bracelet

Red Christmas Bulb Earrings ...

FREE SHIPPING- Roses are Red...

Red Velvet - filigree crysta...

Red and black lampwork beads...

Rust Ring Necklace

Antique Silver Vintage 15 Je...

Lollipop Red - Necklace (Re...

Red and Gold Pendant Style

Sex Appealing Buttons - Gian...

25 percent OFF - XMAS Specia...

Red Winter Berries- Red Crys...

Fire Wings - Feather Earring...


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