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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disco Fever

I've been able, during my more lucid moments, to get crafty... This excites me to no end! I've managed to find some pretty glass beads- though not exactly what I was looking for, they'll do for now. I was able to get some pictures of them yesterday, but I haven't unloaded or edited them yet. I'm still very unmotivated- all due to the meds the doctors have me on.

I found some glass beads, albeit not the ones I was looking for that I so fell in love with- and they have large holes- as to fit Pandora/Troll/Biagi bracelets. But, I thought, I'll figure something out. I'll make it work. And... I think I did. You shall see evidence tomorrow of such. I managed to come up with a pink and gray necklace and earring set, and two rose glass necklace and earring sets with different colors- one has clear rondelles, the other has a pretty iridescent light green. Like I said... I can't wait to show you how they came out... But the thought of removing myself from underneath this warm nest I've huddled into is not ideal, and it ain't gonna happen!!! Why would I need to move? My camera batteries are in the other room, not in my camera!

I did, however, post a new pair of earrings I came up with the other day.
Let's just say... I got disco fever! These little balls just remind me of a disco ball- albeit they're rainbow, have cut portions to see the amber glass inside.... And are just plain fun!

If I could get up and do a little dance, I totally would!

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