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Friday, May 7, 2010

I got another blog award!!

So I finally read up on my blog comments tonight.
Not to say that I've been ignoring anyone... I just, well, haven't been in the right frame of mind recently. Imagine to my surprise, though, that a very talented artist who I avidly follow concerning her amazing beadwork nominated me for the "Kreativ Blogger" award!

Let me take a moment to introduce you to an amazing beader also known as Krafty Max. It's a total understatement to say that her work is incredible- from the design process, to choosing the colors, weaving the beads, and having the finished product... I'm telling you, I hardly have that patience! But it'll suffice for me to sit back and watch this amazing woman create her crafty goodies! I think by and far her favorite piece she's made that I've had my eye on is the framed Mermaid. Click the picture below to be taken to the listing- you can see other pictures, and really admire this beautiful piece of artwork!

Please also stop by and fan her Facebook Page!!

Ok know rules for me passing this on.
I have to list 7 things about myself that I haven't previously revealed. And tonight, I will admit, it'll probably be a tough one considering I'm a wee bit out of it. *grins*. At least the pain is subsiding- right?! So here goes... And if I happen to repeat something anyone remembers me saying and can quote me... Well, I'll owe you each TWO more random things. How bout that for a challenge?!

Here it goes...

1. I'm collecting succulents for a garden. I've all of a sudden fallen in love with these easy to take care plants, and while I don't have specific names for each of them- I plan to have pictures taken this week because they're just too pretty to not share. Plus, they grow fast. Which means I can share with my friends and family! My favorite ones especially are the multi-colored ones... For instance, Aeonium. It fades from a pretty yellow-gold middle flower, to pink tipped edges, to green under leaves. Very delicate! The one below is just a random, beautiful collection someone online has... I think I'll have to find the ones used, and make my own... :)

2. I've been known to scrapbook in some additional time I have- but being away from home, I didn't bring my supplies with me. Since I'm indefinitely home now, recuperating and recovering from this back injury- I think I can manage to sit around, cut some paper, print some pictures, and make an album or two worthy of passing down to my family, sisters, parents, boyfriend, etc.

3. I'm a compulsive cleaner. This is not a good thing when I'm told to stay quiet (as my doctor has- but I'm doing well and listening) I'm not obsessive about it... I just like things in their place. But I also do like to change things around a bit too- so it all depends on my mood, and how my outlook for the day is.

4. I love the smell of Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Lotion. The original, in the big pink pump bottle. It's so soft and silky... And the only thing it smells better on than myself is a little baby. Babies just smell so darn good anyways- provided they've got a clean diaper and no spit-up anywhere in sight. But then again- they can't help it.

5. When I can get back to it, I just want to drive. I like to get in my vehicle, put the windows down, blast any kind of music, and just follow the road where it takes me. Sometimes to the city, sometimes to the forest- it can be anywhere. Solace is my friend. And taking a friend along for an impromptu road trip is always a plus- and so much fun!

6. I miss camping. I think this year it's going to have to be accompanied by an air-mattress (so I don't totally kill my back once I hopefully get it healed), but a few brews, good friends, and a beautiful night under a black sky with bright stars is nearly perfection for me. Plus- there's something just so nice about cuddling next to your sweetie inside a sleeping bag. And yes- I do mean just cuddling and falling asleep together. Some of the wild animal noises creep me out though! LOL

7. I'm the oldest of four children. I am the shortest, and am the jewelry creator in the family (Just wait till you see some of Mom's things though- I'm working on getting her on it!). My brother is the tallest, and in the Air Force- stationed in Vegas. I'm jealous! My middle sister has the biggest attitude, but is the first person to help you out if you need it. She's quite an artist, and is currently a horticulturist. My youngest sister has her prom tomorrow night, and is graduating high school in just a few short weeks. This is depressing- because 11 years ago I did the same thing! LOL My youngest sister is the tallest of us girls, and absolutely beautiful. Here we are below... In order, of course!

Ok... Now that I've gone and done a ton of explaining- instead of a simple "Here's 7 things...", I'll get to the good part! I get to name 7 blogs I follow because that's how this award is passed along.

I hope you visit each blog and end up following them as well! They sure make for some interesting reads!!

1. First up is a delightful, colorful, and unique shop called Burnt Mill Candles and Soaps

Who can resist the name of a soap called "Crackling Firewood for Men"... !

2. Pick number two in my list is Number two is L-G Designs, Gems Crystals & Wire

Such intricate and detailed work- who wouldn't love a piece like this of their own?!

3. Up on deck for third is a great little shop I happened to come across-
mostly because of the name! Come on by and check out My House Party!!

Looks like a good time in there.... Who brought the wine and cheese!?
I can't help it... I love plants...!

4. Number four is one of my favorites, across the board.
She's been an awesome influence both in Blogland and Facebook,
and is absolutely giving 1000% dedication to helping other artists succeed
in addition to her own business. Without any further ado- The Handmade Gift-Guide!

Relax... I think I need a basket of these right about now!!!

5. One sweet shop that caught my eye was The Little Fox

So sweet, romantic... And yet, totally not over the top.
True beauty and talent!

6. For number six, another fellow jewelry maker has also caught my eye-
and I'd like to you to take a look at Monique Jewelry Designs

So sweet, simple... And just absolutely darling!

7. And last, but certainly not least... An irresistible pick I couldn't pass

Who doesn't love finger puppets?
Or ones with such adorable faces?
I couldn't resist!

I hope you enjoy these shops and blogs as much as I do!
And don't forgot- you can fan them on facebook as well!


  1. All I can say is, thank you. It seems so little for such a wonderful write up! I am so very flattered....those comments coming from another beader......well....*sniffle*....thank you!! You are a wonderful designer and I just love watching your blog too!! ~KM

  2. Hi Amanda, I hope you've been feeling okay! What a beautiful post & congratulations on the award! I started a mini succulent garden last year, mostly from cuttings gathered from our local cemetery, which oddly enough has a beautiful collection spread throughout. I managed to keep almost all alive during the winter here, so I'm hoping to expand it this year. :) I'm w/ you on camping, but it's been forever since I've been! I really hope the air mattress helps you. My husband thought he'd try the same thing because of his back the next time we go. Off to take a look at your picks - thank you for sharing!

  3. great selections! thanks for including my soap :)

  4. Hoorays and congrats on your blog award!
    I just have to agree with you on how divine the smell of Johnson's Baby Lotion is...*sigh*
    Thank you so much for mentioning my work here!

  5. thankyou for featuring my finger puppets! and congratulations on the award!



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