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Sunday, May 16, 2010


The Underwater Ocean Earrings- one more set available once I get more supplies!

I've decided over the past few days, I must start using glass in my jewelry.

Now, I admit it.... I've been sort of a snob. Nothing but the best. And to me, that's Swarovski. It glitters, it sparkles, it's delightful in so many different designs. There are so many different crystal styles, shapes and components to use- it's mind boggling. They're sexy, they're sweet, they're bold... Anything you want them to be- you can design it.

A lot of jewelry designers incorporate these crystals into their own designs- so often it's difficult to come up with designs that are completely original. I don't steal designs from other artists- but I do like to borrow concepts and incorporate them in to mine. And I hope that some people that come across my own designs do the same... Just don't steal please!

As much as the crystal sparkles and shines- I'm now discovering the beauty of glass. Namely, lampworked beads. I never, ever, ever dreamed that they could be so absolutely stunning! I mean- I'm used to going to (and I hate it) Wal Mart and remembering seeing the strands of "beads" they sell there. Cheap metal, cheap cut glass, just... Nothing you can really turn into quality jewelry. Michael's Crafts is similar- albeit a bit better quality- and I actually do find some fun beads in there from time to time. The problem still remains is that the beads aren't always uniform... And they still look cheap. But not *always*. Cheap jewelry drives me batty. It's great for a costume party or dress up with little girls- but the look I'm aiming for here is classy. Refined. Unique.

My inspiration as of recently has been due to Pandora bracelets. There are so many ladies that now have the bracelets- myself included- and the beads that go along with them. My favorites, of course, are the array of glass rounds that are floated on the bracelets. But- that's not quite my angle. I don't want to use wide beads- as stringing them on headpins will make them slide right off. My solution?

Fellow Etsians!

So many different beads... Whirls, swirls, rainbows and flowers. Iridescent colors, dichroic glass, stripes, patterns... The combination of different looks to be created are limitless!

Here are just a few of the beads I'm peeking at at the moment...

This beautiful bead below is from Red Side Designs shop. I love flowers encased in glass beads- it's such an understated simplicity that it's hard to resist. I'd turn this one in to a beautiful pendant on a necklace.

I love whirls and swirls. Blue is a favorite color of mine- I have blue eyes, and anything that sets them off I'm a fan of. Typically- if I wear blue toned jewelry- it does the trick! These beautiful borosilicate beads are made in BBGlassArt's shop.

And of course, I've gotta go fun and funky. I fell in LOVE with these unique beads! They remind me of an anemone- just not in the ocean! These would become a necklace/earring set. Perhaps even one as a charm on a bracelet- why limit imagination!? These are from Sock Monkey's shop!

Last, but certainly not least, a wonderful shop was suggested to me on my Facebook page by a fellow artist. The shop is Radiant Mind, and there are SO many beads there that I want to buy right up immediately...... I have to restrain myself! Look at this gorgeous set and the colors used... I can't wait to get started... And to show off some of my new works!

So there it is... I'm strictly supporting fellow Etsians for my lampwork glass beading needs!

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