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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rose Earrings and Little Sister's Prom Night

So this weekend ended up going pretty well... I'm surprised I've managed to write so frequently! But, I guess that goes along with the territory that I'm supposed to stay off my feet and quiet... And that means computer (and cat!) on my lap!

I've managed to help my Mom clean out some of her craft room over this past week, and in doing so I found some really pretty glass beads she had started making in to earrings. She wanted me to show her how to wrap them really well- so I did, then took some snapshots. I think because of this venture, I'll have to expand more into the decorative glass beads I've seen around.... Don't get me wrong, I love Swarovski Crystals and how they look... But these pretty glass baubles have SO much potential too! After I finished these little earrings off, I hung them upon a pair of custom earwires I had made and decided to take some pictures.

These were really beautiful since the pinks were a few different tones, and they swirled from dark to light. If you look carefully through the bead- you'll also see some delicate whirls and swirls of very fine gold "dust" in there. The leaves swirl... And the entire bead just looks like it's perpetually in motion.

In a silly reverie of my own, I could totally imagine a beautiful woman down at the Kentucky Derby, in an beautiful wide-brimmed hat, dressed in white... And having the finishing touch not be her shoes- but these earrings! Hahaha, there you go! My silly little reverie!

Imagine to my delight, nearly the instant I posted them up for sale- they sold! A friend of mine is gifting them to a very special lady for a very special occasion- and that's all I'll say about that. I sure hope she enjoys them- and I hope she might even send in a fan photo of her modeling them for me.

So now for the second exciting part of my post.
Last night was my little "big" sister's prom. I know, I had mine years and years ago... I remember it like it was yesterday- and I have to say... I haven't had this much fun doing makeup or helping my sister out in a long time.

The theme was Hollywood, and she wanted her makeup done dramatic- but not over the top. Classic. I had just the thing. The only thing I'm kicking myself about is that I didn't get a close up of her face when I had finished- the colors were amazing! The only makeup I now use myself (except for foundation) is Orglamix. I used Champagne Toast all over her eye. This was followed by a shimmery gray called Sesame was the base for her lid. Smudged out a bit, it was just enough. What she didn't realize was that I wasn't done... Not yet! I had her apply black eyeliner in a very thin line on her upper lid, then went over the black with an amazing eyeshadow called Fog. (Its a shimmery purple/blue/iridescent!) It darkened the top, I swiped along the bottom to line and bring her eyes out a bit more... And it was gorgeous! Swiped Quartz over her brow bone. Foundation went on, finishing powder, and a touch of bronzer on her cheeks just to make them sparkle a bit. Mascara, lipstick- and BOOM! My sister looked like a princess!

I hardly had time to get ready on my own... But I managed as best as I could- going slower than a snail of course. I just wished I had smiled more- I was still in quite a bit of pain, but could have sworn that I had a better face on. I suppose it happens- I'll tell you though, I had a great time with my baby sister!

We also had to get the great shot of my sister an my parents- and I have to say, even though it's a teeny bit blurry- it's still a great shot. Mom was almost crying- and Dad was so cute! It's hard to catch him in a smile... But one of these days I will!!

It was so nice to see so many of the girls that chose really pretty, nice dresses to wear. There were a few there that chose- ahem- not so classy dresses- but I suppose you get those anywhere, right?! For the most part... The friends that my sister had surrounded by looked wonderful! It's also such a big difference when you're used to seeing kids in every day wear... Then there's a special occasion, they get dressed up... And WOW! They're beautiful!

And of course... The night went off as a hit. She had a wonderful time with her friends, and more pictures I'm sure will show up from random other students that attended!

We told them to show a little leg... And I think this one came out just absolutely adorable! Hope you enjoy!

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