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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lady Slippers

I wanted to share with you readers a very special flower that can sometimes be found up here in my neck of the woods. While not uncommon, they can easily be overlooked and missed since they like growing in wooded areas, acidic soil, and tend to be near ferns and lower-growth brush which otherwise hides them.

It was by sheer luck this morning when I opened my bedroom window to let the breeze through my room that I spotted the pink little flowers amongst the greens and browns of the outside edges of our garden out front. After I took the meds I need in order to bring down the pain I'm still having in my back and letting that settle me down... I took my camera and wandered out front (and not far from the house at all!) and took some shots:

I always remembered as a little girl, on this property, wandering around through the front and back yards... The side, the little access road, the hills... And finding these little flowers spread throughout. Typically I've only seen them alone, not together in a grouping. This year I found a cluster- and not too far away was another single one! I'll keep looking through the property (as I can) to see if I can find others. Hopefully, the skeeters aren't as bad- they've been swarming worse than the black flies lately!

Keep in mind- these are illegal to pick, and if done so they shrivel and die quickly. (So I've heard- I've never picked them) They also don't transplant well- so wherever they grow- that's where they should stay. Otherwise, they wilt and die.... And we don't want that to happen!

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