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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colorful and Creative

This isn't a jewelry post today.

It's a mask post.

I've had quite a few compliments, and inquiries, as to where I dug these two beauties up- but then again, they may not quite be your thing. To each their own I suppose!

Anyways... I like dressing up and going to Ren Faires. We had a very small one that we organized a few years ago back home in NH, but it was mostly local vendors. The only downfall to the entire thing was that it really wasn't advertised well at all- which had it been me, there would have been all sorts of marketing going on.

However- all in all, we had a really good turnout.
Skip to last year, when I moved down to Virginia, and didn't know what a REAL one was... And I was amazed. An entire little town to walk around in... Who would have thought?!

Checking out all the different shops, there were literally hundreds of things I wanted to buy... From little handblown glass ornaments, to flower headbands, to dresses and corsets and handmade chalices- I'm sure I looked like a drooling Pirate. Yes- purple and black lace corset, pirate hat with big feather, red and black skirts.. It was great. Though- I imagine to everyone passing by I looked more like a fish with it's mouth gaping wide, drooling all over the wares... But not literally. LOL.

I found the Mask Shoppe quite by accident, as I was wandering around and found two girls selling adorable "horns" made of fimo clay and attached by tying the string behind your neck. I'll show pictures later of that, it's funny. They had three locations across the fairgrounds selling them, and two of the three sold out the weekend we were there! Many, many people- from little 5 and 6 year olds to a stately old woman in a wheelchair were seen sporting around in them... So cute!!! So the girls that were helping me get a pair of horns for my sister said "Go peek in the shop- you seem like you'd find something in there that you'd like."

I did. In every sense of the word- I found the Goblin Mask! While there were various gorgeous hand made, handformed, and handpainted masks available... It was something about this little grumpy one that just screamed at me. I had to have it.

So I bought it.
Now the interesting thing is that I liked it. I had no intention of wearing it for Halloween- as it was fast approaching, and I had an idea for a costume already. So I hit up another mask shop on the way out that evening- and bought the one seen below. I'm a total sucker for anything that has glitter. And this has feathers, and rhinestones to boot. Yep. Cha-ching. Got this one too.

So as you can tell, I bought the two masks the same day... And yes, I knew they were both green. But I didn't think to combine them both together until I was literally walking out of the Ren-Faire with them in my hand. I didn't get a gift bag or anything with their purchase (which kinda irked me) but meh... It worked. I slipped one on top of the other....

And Voila! The Goblin Queen emerged!

And to finish the ensemble off, of course you need some sparkles. And what better than a hot-pink rhinestoned star?! This is, of course, one of my own pieces not for sale... But I love the rainbows it throws off anytime I move! Here you have it... Components of the costume I created last year.

I think, depending on more jewelry that I craft, that the masks both will have to be "models" for me.

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