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Friday, July 10, 2009

For the Little Ones

So it may actually come as a surprise that I don't exclusively use Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver in my designs. To the contrary- any pretty bead that may catch my eye, I will use in my designs.

Now, while I moved down here over a year ago... I left a lot of my stock at home in NH. Which is ok- Mom loves to go through and use some of my stuff- but I've also put on the "Fear for your Life if you touch THIS" stickers on a few cases... That's ok to do, right?!

Well... That means I've had to replenish my stock of sparklies.
Yes, yes yes... Expensive- but I can't help it!

But it's not always about breaking the bank when it comes to crafting pretty and simple designs.

It doesn't mean rent and car payments get tossed out the window- it just means you may have to look a little harder... That's all.

One of my favorite finds has been some pressed glass beads.

They're so versatile, and while the posts are brass.... I don't like using them to add to Sterling or "gold" chains. I can't stand using "fake gold", and I don't really prefer to use the gold filled kind either unless I have to. And well... Lets face it... Real, pretty gold is expensive.

My compromise is ribbon.
Especially Organza.

It's so versatile, dreamy, and available in almost any color you could want.

Like for the Princess Necklace- light pink organza looks adorable with an array of dark pink hearts, and a focal point of a peach leaf.
And the glass- with it's bubbles and quirks- is truly one of a kind. Each bead is different, no two exactly alike. Charming really.

I also like that they don't have any sharp edges- so nothing for a child, or big kid, to get snagged or accidentally cut upon.

A woodland faerie needs to be appropriately decked out with her leaves, does she not?

The greens of this glass are so vibrant, so "silky" they're nearly enticing you to come touch... Take a look... And the ribbon, well, it has a sparkle all of its own.

Who can resist a little necklace that has a miniature heart, on the opposite side of where one would expect to find a matching leaf!? I know I wouldn't be able to!

A simple, yet grand, way for your little one to frolick around at a Ren Faire, the prettiest little Faerie in the wood.
Even though these necklaces are "smallish", they do have 2" extenders on the end. So while they would fit like a smaller necklace at 16", they could certainly be elongated to fit a little better as well... For a bigger Forest Fairy!

And who can forget sunshine?!
Little drops of liquid amber, dripping down off the sun herself... To be collected and fashioned in to a stunning iridescent necklace of yellow leaves.

While certainly not perfect, these glass beads each display a different character of their own... And in doing such, makes each piece as unique as their adorner.

Who would have thought a length of ribbon, a clasp, a few knots and some glass would turn out these beautiful little creations?!

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