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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been upset that my camera is not catching the details of these lovely little Swarovski Crystals the way they should. Or any of my jewelry, for that matter.

I hunt around often on Etsy, and online in general, and find plenty of other jewelry makers with gorgeous items and the pictures to match. I've been getting discouraged because while my items are pretty and detailed, my camera has failed to capture the details that matter. The ones that make you go "OH, wow, need to check that out." Heck- I even see things online that I just plain don't like, aren't my thing, and I'd never be interested anyways... But a great photo makes me pause and take a look.

And since I can't just "scan" pictures in... I've been left no other option.

also enter panic mode right now because etsy is "down for maintenance" and they want to show STUPID videos. i don't want to watch them... i want to edit my listings dang it....

But... I'm guilty. I made an impulse buy, of course after verifying I do indeed have the finances available, and I have to say I'm quite happy with my decision. The pictures I've been snapping are incredible... My old Samsung camera- that's being used as an SD card reader to the computer to upload the photos at this point. Why? I'm on an older comp, and it irritates me. The new snapper is so fast, it doesn't have a high-speed USB port to plug in to. Plus this baby is HD. And the computer doesn't recognize it and allow me to upload pix right from it to online- which I think is convenient, and I like very much. Especially to Facebook!

I use my camera for everything. I'm like a photojournalist. I take pictures often.
And I have to say, I'm a sucker for Canon.

I've pretty much always used them as a camera company- my "old" one now is 7 years and Samsung. It's served its purpose, and now I have a better one. The beater I'm sure will accompany me for outings that don't require high resolution images... But who knows!

*sigh* etsy is back online, and available! YAY!

So here those are a few of the "Constellation" pieces I've made- sweet, simple, and full of sparkles. And the details in the pictures... Well, it's making me happy!

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