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Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving Day has Inspired Me... Terrariums!

Oh, so here it goes... Moving day indeed!
Bigger place with my roomie, and I couldn't be happier! It's sure going to be a busy weekend- but we'll manage.

I think the fact that I'm moving from the big parking-lot area part of the complex to the top of the hill, overlooking the other side of town, and deck now faces woods instead of neighbors- has inspired me to "Get Green". I like to garden- used to do it at home, where my Mother has a beautiful garden landscaped around the house. I had a little section of my own that I tended- with Bleeding Hearts, Pansies, Hostas and other flowers that caught my fancy. My favorite was the Bleeding Heart- pink. They were my Grandmother's plants, and it's been "killed" many times over by the lawn-mower. It kept growing back- and when we moved from CT to NH, I took it with me. It's literally over 50 years old- nice strong roots!

Anyways, I digress!
Moving to this new place has inspired me to bring a little bit of "garden" inside. (since i obviously can't plant a garden in the forest- i know some jerk will ruin it...) I've always loved terrariums, and perhaps I'll make my own. But searching for inspiration on Etsy, I came across some lovely specimens that make me just want to whip out the debit card and purchase away. I'd totally hang the bulbs from wrought iron hangers I have, and place artfully on shelves I plan to purchase. Have to remember- fiesty kitten joins my household on Monday! Cats do love to get in to things they're not supposed to...

So, here's what I'll share thusfar from my finds on Etsy- I hope you enjoy!

Here's a weakness of mine- Teapots- and this design is from WeeGreenSpot's Shop. I simply can't get enough of them. I'd collect them, but I buy too many crystals to support another obsession... Unless business picks up, of course! I love the shape, the almost country look, and of course- who wouldn't want a cup of green tea and moss?

Next up is another possibilty- since I have a fondness for glass, and Apothecary Jars are just so pleasant to look at.

This beautiful Terrarium is from Greenbriar. The little toadstools are the cutest things I've seen yet- imagine a fairy sitting atop her little perch! I also love how everything is layered in this one- it just brings so much green inside- it's almost like having a garden. Almost...

Speaking of absolutely whimsical, this adorable "Gnome's Laundry Day" is from doodlebirdie. Precious!
I've never seen such tiny-scale and adorable "clothes" for Gnomes! This one definitely makes me go "AWWWWW!"... This one is definitely a one of a kind idea, and a wonderful one at that! I vote more Gnome Laundry Day Terrariums!

Sometimes, simplicity is key. And such is truthful by taking a look at this teensy, tiny moss garden. It's offered by starcrazy8.
I'm in *love*. I like simple, tasteful, elegant... Tiny... I'm a small person, so small things intrigue me. It makes me feel "normal" I suppose, though there's nothing wrong with being short! The look and feel of these- I can picture about 5 of them lined up in a row- and of how absolutely gorgeous they'd be on a shelf!

Last, but not least... The typical Etsian (i think) DIY mentality. I mean, we're ALL crafters, right? That means handmade... Which means we like creating and crafting... And I'll cut to the chase... !
Visit WarmCountryMeadow for an awesome little kit that comes with everything you need to create one of your own Terrariums!


  1. Ooo...I love terrariums. Great finds!

  2. I love green- and these are just so great!!

    I couldn't not share!



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