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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nest Blossoms Giveaway

I know I don't have many followers right now... But that doesn't stop a few of you from coming by and reading...

So. Bottom line.

Nest Blossoms is holding a blog giveaway for a simply beautiful ring:

Told you it was looker, didn't I?

There's something just so simply endearing about a handstamped ring... Pendants, lovely, yes. Rings? So much more personal. Dainty. Feminine. Awww, yes... It's quite late, or early depending on how you're looking at it, and I've had a LONG day. But it hasn't stopped me from falling head over heels for this unique piece.

So I'm sharing with you all, instead of being greedy and keeping it to myself :)

Pass it along!! Check out Samantha's Blog too- there are so many prettily illustrated items, you'll immediately want to go back to her blog for a visit and to check for frequent updates!

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