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Sunday, July 12, 2009

DIY Idea for Dull White Apartment Walls

Well, I've been searching lately for innovative ideas to decorate the walls in my apartment. I haven't done so just yet, considering I'm moving in less than 2 weeks to a bigger place, yay! It's not to say that I despise these bare, white walls... I do. But these ones are undecorated.

The new place, however, will not get away so easily.

I've been searching high and low online for inexpensive ways to decorate my walls, short of spending about a hundred bucks and painting rooms. There was also the wallpaper option- but that's such a mess to deal with. I remember wallpapering our kitchen with Mom... And needless to say, while we got off to a rocky start- it ended up looking fabulous.

I ended up covered in wallpaper paste.

So an idea that I came across earlier today has really intrigued me to no end... Because, if in fact this does work... I'm not only doing my room, I'm sure my roommate will do his as well... And I'd like to do the living room too for a little more oomph!

The recipe?
Fabric + Liquid Starch = Wallcovering

I didn't quite believe it when I read it... But it seems that after purchasing fabric, it needs a gentle washing to get the sizing out. Ok, no problem. I do it with any fabric stuff I buy.

Next, make sure you have a rotary cutter on hand- to trim the edges and such once hung. Dump the liquid startch in to a bucket, and let the fabric get wet. (for me, I'd probably put the starch in the bathtub...) Wring it out so it's not so wet, and then starting from the ceiling, "press" your "wallpaper" to the wall. A squee-gee or braser will help as well to smooth the fabric nice and neatly. Viola! Wallpaper!

I also think I'd modify it a bit by pushing some thumbtacks in to the wall at the very top, about every foot or so just in case! Cut around areas with the rotary cutter or scissors, to take out windows and doors. (Or just pre-cut those pieces!) If it's a fabric pattern- remember to line it up... It will look silly all mis-matched otherwise!

It will take a little while to dry- let it do so by airdrying. Don't put a fan or hairdryer to it.

The best thing? When you want to remove it... Peel a corner, pull, and off it comes.
Wash your fabric and use it for another craft... Or another room, if there's enough!

I can't tell you how much I love this idea.
Of course, I'll test a patch of wall before I decide to do the entire thing... But this excites me!
If it does indeed cause no wall damage... I will most definitely take pictures and show! The bathroom will most likely also get a makeover too!!!
No more bare walls in the white scary apartments!!!

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